Cuckold is a type of porn that features one man watching or hearing his partner having sex with someone else. It often involves humiliation, as the cuckolded partner is usually aware that his spouse is involved with someone else. The term “cuckold” originated from animals in which the male bird would raise another male’s offspring. In the porn genre, it usually involves a husband or boyfriend being “cuckolded” by his wife or girlfriend, who engages in sex acts with other men or women while her partner watches.

Busted and made a cuckold
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This chick knows her boyfriend has been cheating on her cuz she found a few condoms in his pocket and now this unfaithful schmuck is gonna get punished in the most perverted way. His honey turns him into a cuckold having her secret lover wrap his hands to his head with duct tape and getting fucked right in front of his eyes. The poor lad has nowhere to go, so all he can do is moan and suffer while his girlfriend cums hard and takes a cumshot.
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